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Walls of Jerusalem

Tent Based Accommodation


Our walking tour of Tasmania's Walls of Jerusalem is our islands highest alpine walk. It is one the most spectacular and accessible alpine walks in Tasmania. The region is dominated by alpine vegetation and endemic conifer forests amid a high plateau of dolerite peaks. The dolerite within the park is derived from dramatic tectonic activity during the Jurassic some 165 million years ago. Much of the beauty of the present day landscape is the result of Pleistocene glaciations. These resulted in many of the landscape features found within the park, such as moraines and numerous tarns and lakes. The alpine vegetation within the park includes bolster heaths which play a major role in determining local topography. Stands of pure pencil pine forest are found in fire-protected areas. Our walking tours are focussed on the Tarkine region but as guides we also love the Walls and Overland track as it offers us a nice balance of environments.

This walking tour of Tasmania includes:

  • Spectacular alpine peaks,
  • Unique alpine vegetation,
  • Ancient Pencil Pine forests.

Day One
Drive to Walls of Jerusalem, walk to Wild Dog Creek camp - 6kms
Our walking tours depart Launceston, for the Walls of Jerusalem trip we drive westward along the base of Kooparoona Niara (Great Western Tiers) towards Mole Creek and Lake Rowallen. We arrive at the track head at approximately 12.00 noon.
From the track head we walk south for 2 hours, ascending the escarpment to the Walls of Jerusalem. On arriving at the edge of the Plateau, the vegetation changes and the land flattens into a series of rolling hills. This is the first example of the unique Tasmanian alpine vegetation including Pencil Pines and Cushion Plants. Lunch is served on top a huge glacial boulder with an alpine vista including unique alpine forests, streams and pristine lakes. After lunch we continue south along the plateau to our base camp at Wild Dog Creek. Wild Dog Creek is located at the edge of the Walls of Jerusalem. The camp at Wild Dog Creek utilises wooden tent platforms constructed by the Parks and Wildlife Service and a composting toilet.

Day 2
Day Trip to King Solomon's Throne - 5kms
We depart camp at 9.00 am and walk into the Walls of Jerusalem skirting the edge of Lake Salome towards the Pools of Bethesda. We are now surrounded by the Walls of Jerusalem. Huge dolerite peaks tower above as we stroll through a garden of alpine vegetation including Cushion Plants and the colourful Scoparia. Upon arriving at Damascus Gate, we begin the ascent of the west wall. The steep ascent follows a well constructed path to the summit. Lunch is served as we relax and soak up the views. After lunch there is ample time to explore the mountain top and then descend the track to the Pools of Bethesda.

Day Three
Day Walk to Mt Jerusalem and Dixon's Kingdom Hut - 8kms
The day's walk is to Mt Jerusalem via Dixon's Kingdom. The route leads us through the largest remaining tract of Pencil Pine forest in Tasmania. These majestic trees are up to 1000 years old. From Dixon's Kingdom Hut, we begin the ascent to the summit of Mt Jerusalem. The ascent traverses open alpine grassland before encountering a rocky scree slope. Lunch is enjoyed on the summit soaking up the panoramic views. From our vantage point, the view south takes in the Mountains of Jupiter, the Never Never, Pine Tier and Chinaman's Plains. After Lunch we return to camp at Wild Dog Creek.

Day Four
Return to vehicle and drive to Launceston and Hobart - 6 km
Awake at 7.00 am with hot drinks and breakfast. We examine maps and discuss the route with the group, before packing camp and walking back to the vehicle. On route we venture across numerous alpine streams and skirt around alpine lakes. Morning tea is served on the edge of these picturesque lakes. We descend back into the tall Eucalyptus forest. Depending on the speed of the group, lunch is enjoyed whilst returning to the vehicle.

We arrive at the vehicle at approximately 2.00pm.
We depart for Launceston and Hobart.
We arrive in Launceston at approximately 4.30 pm and Hobart approximately 7:30pm.


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